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From small residential projects to large commercial ventures, GLS offers expert design services that are tailored to your specific needs and budget. Contact us today to learn more.


Designs that Bring Your Vision to Life Tailored to Your Unique Needs and Budget.

About Landscape Design

Landscape design is the art of arranging the features of an area of land for aesthetic and/or practical reasons. It is often divided into two major components: hardscape (any surface or structure for foot traffic such as decks or pavers) and softscape (the living elements, such as lawn, flowers, shrubs and trees).


We will meet with you and go over all of the requirements of the project. We will go into detail on wants, needs and priorities. We will review budget as well as any other aspect of the project that requires attention to detail. This is generally a 1 hour meeting.


We will come up with some ideas for the design and review with you any photos or locations you like and want to incorporate into your design for your landscape. We will then generate up to 3 different drawings or variations for you to see.


We will sit down and go over the draw or drawings and talk about what we like and dislike from each idea. If there is a design you like we can move to the next step or create a final drawing taking aspects you like from different drawing and incorporate them into one final drawing.


With the final drawing we can them give you a n estimate to build the project. Give you a timeline for work to be done and a building schedule that will breakdown the process step by step.

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Key Components to
Landscape Design


This will start us in the direction of what you want the landscape to represent. We are not limited to cookie cutter plans, we create a multitude of styles, from modern, native planting, xeriscaping, English garden, traditional, tropic and much much more.

Getting the right amount of splash and color can only be achieved with an artistic eye. Trying to copy what eh neighbor did never works out well. Each space is different and requires an eye to create a space that gives you joy when you see it each day.

Understanding how to plan for a patio in a townhome is very different than creating a terraced hillside or even large field. Each area requires knowledge of how to best utilize the space with getting things sized properly.

This is probably the most important aspect of any design. You want someone who is excited to create your vision and is not deterred by the style of size of your project. We love what we do and treat it is if were building it for ourselves. Creating designs that reflect the passion and love of landscaping is not something that is taught- it is something you are born with.

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