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When it comes to creating a plan for your yard most people find it a little overwhelming. You know what you like but are not sure how it fits in your space ( or your budget ). At General Landscaping Service we have developed a system for design that takes only a few hours and can put your ideas on paper so you will have a map to a beautiful landscape. If you just need help to determine what your needs are, set priorities, evaluate other options and cost evaluation we can do that too. Let our experience help serve your needs on your project. We can provide you with full scale blueprint drawings, conceptual drawings, detailed 3D renderings and plant selection and layout. And we can do it all at a price that is reasonable.

Big and small…we do it all!

We have experience in building anything outside of the home or office. We have worked at just about every level from emergency home repair to large government contracts. From NASA, Shopping Centers, public libraries, estates, rental properties and homes just like yours- we have provided every level of service that is required to get the job done. Our construction process uses the most modern technology to ensure that you will get the best quality possible.

We do all the work so you don’t have to!

Let me say this first. We have the best value for our maintenance service here in the Bay Area. Our maintenance service is what we first started with and is still our pride and joy. We provide a personalized service just for you to cater to all our needs. We service both commercial and residential accounts. Each and every property is treated as if it were our own. We provide weekly and bi-weekly service. We also to clean-ups when things have gotten a little out of control. Our service it tailored to your needs so the only thing left is to give us a call so we can come out and talk about what works for you.